Friday, November 26, 2010

Father King

Graham has been off and on sick for a little while now. First he had a swollen lymph node (Huge!! Biggest thing I have ever seen sticking out of someone’s neck!!) . Right now he has hand foot mouth disease. The poor guy is pretty miserable with all the pain in his mouth. As a mother, we know that we wish we could take the pain away from our little ones- but knowing we can’t, I truly do love taking care of him when he isn’t feeling well. There really is so much joy found in taking care of little ones that are sick. I love it. He is actually still for a moment for me to love on him!! Tonight as I was rocking and singing to him, I found myself stuck on the phrase Father King. I love to talk to God using the using the name Father. I just found myself singing Father King over and over. Father King. Father King. As children of God, our Father is the King. And then as Christ followers, we were rescued by the King! Jesus King! What an incredible wonder! A poor pauper girl rescued by the King! And then adopted into His family so that I may call Him daddy! We are children of the King. Father King. Just meditate on that little phrase and hear what the Spirit has to say to you today. Father King. Father King. Oh that we may truly live like children of the King. As small children, obeying His every word. Following Him wherever He leads. Like a son in his father’s arms, no fear. What do we have to fear? We aren’t in the arms of just anyone, we’re in the arms of the King. Not a king. Not even just a father. But Father King. A pauper in the arms of the King! Isn’t that worth exulting in? And resting in? Trusting in. No fear. Just faith. Father King. What love. What security. Our foundation-our obedience to Him is nothing else but a Rock. We can put all our weight on Him. He can carry us. Maybe we need to jump up in our Father’s lap tonight. Allow Him to sing over us. What joy!

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