Friday, October 12, 2007

We're back!

Our computer has been acting a bit sick for the last few weeks, so I haven't let you guys in on what's been going on here lately...the computer guy figured it out and we're's a couple of pics...sorry, no belly pics yet, but soon!!

John David with his buddy Sean.... John David's very first concert!

Finally a picture of John David's big boy room...he's been in it for a while now and is still loving it! I guess you could say it's mom's version of an Alabama football room:-)

John David pantless! You can tell the bed is perfect for him getting up and down off of it....
Some old Alabama pictures!

I think he likes it:-)

And ofcourse his verse...Psalm One

Hudson's room!!
It's the same....

...except for the name and the verse....we're giving Hudson the first chapter in Joshua

The birthday girls! I had a wonderful birthday...thank you all for the cards and birthday wishes! John David and David got me a big bouquet of beautiful fall flowers that are still alive and kickin' today, then he treated me to a couple hours at the nail salon for pedicure and was wonderful to get a little foot message!! We also had a great meal with family at Macaroni favorite! It was a wonderful day of friends and family! Later that night my Bible study girls had a little party for Christina and I! It was a blast, but I missed all of you guys back in Greensboro!! I'll see you all soon!! Yummy!!!

I love this! He looks so little, but yet so much like a big boy!

We're making a card for one of the lady's in the church....he's getting better and better at coloring...if you can call it that....I must admit most of the scribles on this page were made by mom! He loves getting crayons out but most of the time they are either for putting in his ear, between his toes, or even down his diaper! What can I say?!


The Blonde Renstroms said...

Love the rooms, Emily - good job!!

Adam and Nat said...

Happy Birthday Em! Good job on the new room too! It looks good.

Anonymous said...

We love the boys' rooms! We are looking forward to seeing them in person. John David is so handsome. Thanks for the pictures. We really enjoy them since we can't see you in person as often as we would like. Love you all. Grandma