Friday, October 19, 2007

Bits of randomness...

Baking daddy a little surprise!!

Working hard...
John David has the best daddy in the world..we tell him all the time, but today we thought we'd tell him with a cake and a card!
A little bedtime snack:-)~ Pretty healthy, huh?!
Another belly shot....I took this it's a little odd, but you can see little Hudson sticking out there...anytime now and he'll be with us!! We're getting so excited!!
A friend of mine reminded me of playing with shaving cream....I've done this tons of times with other little ones, but this is John David's first...and well, he didn't enjoy it...this was his face the entire time...I have no clue why, but he didn't think it was as cool as I had hoped:-)~
But this, ofcourse, gets him smiling every time! Give him a ball and helmet and he's good to go for hours..well, maybe not hours, but when you're pregnant and chasing him around...half the time with a helmet on yourself and him on your seems like hours:-) Good hours, but hours:-) Some of his favorite words..."Set, HUT"
Trying on some new fall clothes....I thought his expression was funny!!
He needs a haircut, I know!!
Another favorite- John David loves mom and dad's IPOD....
He listens while he dances....he thinks he's quite the big boy:-)


Adam and Nat said...

He looks like a giant laying down with the hat on! It was great seeing you guys! Your house is beautiful!

Rachel said...

oh my word! emily, john david is so beautiful! prayers your way as hudson hurries along. =)