Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rivers of Joy

"I am waiting here on the couch. I am crying. And I am praising my God. My Jesus. My Rescuer. I am waiting on the couch to hear how one more precious young guy was saved by God's grace tonight. They are on their way back home with David from Birmingham now. They should be home in about an hour and I am thrilled to see another young man walk into our home A NEW CREATION. REBIRTHED. He has the ONLY thing, the ONLY ONE that is truly worth anything and is perfectly WORTH EVERYTHING!  He has told us for over a year that he was a Christian. He knew all the answers, but we saw little to no fruit. The only fruit we could muster up to see was the way he clung to the other guys and us. We have been praying and asking God and HE HAS ANSWERED. HE HAS ANSWERED. God is ALIVE and ACTIVE. HE IS. He has saved another because He wanted to show His glory in His grace once again. He has saved another because He LOVES, because HE IS LOVE.


Oh Lord, You are my rivers, my fountains,  my oceans of joy. My heart's feasting.

You are the only one worth living for.

i love you."

Nick, Nick, and Carlos. One of these young guys grew up in our church but was never faithful, never saved. The other grew up Catholic. God saved them both this past February 5th! Hallelujah! All three are getting baptized this week, along with two others.  We have such a good, good God! What this picture represents brings so much JOY to our hearts. Pure, crazy JOY. Eyes full of tears JOY. SHOUTS OF PRAISE  JOY. Heart aches of JOY.  Smiles and smiles JOY. UNrestrainable JOY. May we become increasingly aware that we will not always have breath on this earth. We are but a vapor. May we set aside the distractions and glitters of this world and pursue Him wholeheartedly. Our eyes upon our Master, our hearts in a awe of our Savior. Let it be.

With Trip Lee.....thought I'd throw this one in just for fun! Trip Lee, Lecrae.....they have been great blessings. We are thankful. 

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