Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm day!

Friends of ours own this farm where they have a therapeutic riding center, Open Gait, for children with special needs. The beauty of the land, the horses, the ministry, the hearts of the workers- it points you to the Master Creator and the Master Lover- it is just captivating.  Some of us moms with young sons enjoyed helping out around the farm last weekend. We shoveled manure, cleaned horse stalls, planted flowers, groomed horses, shined saddles...we had such a great time! Our friends who run this ministry are such a sweet blessing. Their kind and generous heart is so evident. 

                                                                       All the lil helpers!


           Shoveling manure completed and now fresh shavings for the stalls! They worked hard! Cinnamon looks so beautiful peeking through.


                                      The lil boys and their mommy's! Such sweet friendships!

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