Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White North Carolina Christmas

Grandpa and Grandma's home sweet home

My sweet dad and mom...Grandpa and Grandma

The beautiful backyard

I went out this morning to take pictures of the winter wonderland and daddy caught me. He was busy taking pictures of me taking pictures...

catching snowflakes on his tongue

J and Kase

Graham has had yet another ear infection...we had to call in more medicine on the way to NC but the poor little guy is getting better...

These little red boots were first Leah's then Kristy's and then mine....then they were passed down to the grandkids.


trooppetrie said...

when we woke up to snow this morning the first thing I wanted to do was take pictures because I do not see it often

Christy said...

Emily...that picture of your parent's house is so pretty!