Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Fun!

Summer is almost over (I feel myself getting super excited to say goodbye to this Alabama heat!), so I thought I'd share a couple more pictures....

J doing some "Preschool"! He's a smart little guy!

Okay- so I must explain...I do not approve of this kind of drinking...but he had never done it before and I had never thought to tell him not to, so after I took the picture I explained that he shouldn't do this anymore.....but I thought it was pretty funny....just right at the lunch table picked it up and went to town drinking it!
Hudson looking cool!

Graham being still for a second- a miracle:-) He really is thoughtfully still and posing for the picture here:-) Eyes closed, but hey, he's not a blur- so we will take it!

Some friends of ours asked if we would like to go on their boat for the afternoon! We had such a blast! That's David and J on the tube....J kept giving the thumbs up- which means FASTER!!!

The sky and the mountains were so beautiful!

Hud and I!

David and I! We had such a fun time!

Sweet Hudson and mom!

Hut Hut again!

J thought it was pretty cool to be able to drive!

I got to surf! I had never done it before and it was so so much fun!

My boys....

David surfing!
Thank you Ms. Suzanne and Caleb! We had a great afternoon with you two!

Our little Graham...with a little runny nose...oops....

He's always wanting to brush his teeth!

I can't even get him out of the tub and put his PJ's on before he gets into something!! I like to call him our little Lizard! You can barely catch him!

John David is officially a soccer player now! We have been so proud of him! The first week he was a little timid and shy, but since then he has played so hard! And it's been a great opportunity for him to learn more about how to love on others! It's already been a blessing! And we're having tons of fun! His first game is coming up soon!

Our boys have been blessed with several new "big brothers" here lately! This is Kent- We laugh because we really could claim this one as being ours! just a bigger version :-)!

Karli showing J a new fun website that he can go to! Miss you, Karil!!
For all you moms of preschoolers: J loves this website and I do too! It's

The cousins had a "dance party" at my mom and dad's house...they were quite impressive with their pinata! They let Hud get the first good whack at it!

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Vic said...

YAY!!!! Pictures!! I can't believe how much your boys have grown! They are handsome little boys and I am so happy you are all doing so well. Say hello to David for me.

Vickie Wales