Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautifully Yours

I can only imagine what life could be like with no interest in self- no thought of my well being, comfort! What of being misunderstood? Just a laugh and a chuckle and a fixed gaze on Christ. I can taste it! But it does still look so far in the future! What would it be like to be like the trees? To be so firm and established in His love that all thoughts of self can cease! The wind moves through with such grace and ease! A serious structure, but with such beauty and 'lightness'- that even the gentlest winds can move it's leaves. But how it can stand the biggest of storms! How can this be? They are Yours. And how much more- I am Yours! Put here to glorify You! May I be strong, established and rooted deep in Your love- growing wiser and stronger every year- able to be moved by the slightest breeze of the Spirit, but immovable, strong in the storms. Beautifully Yours. Your workings. Your care. Giving shade to those who need, a restful place to the weary, providing limbs for little ones to play, providing wood for the fire- providing beautiful colors in season. Your wonders are too much for me. You are a beautiful, beautiful God. Lord. My Lord. I am Yours.

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Amy said...

Em, this is just beautiful!