Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Those of you who know me well, know that I love to read. I thought I would share a couple of books that are my favorites, that I have read recently, or in the middle of reading. I'll have to start putting up a few every once in a while.

This is one of my all time favorites. I read and read and read this book.
Focus on Giants- you stumble.
Focus on God- your giants tumble.
I'm in the midst of reading this book right now. I really like Max Lucado...I was reading a Max Lucado book when I met David:-)

He was an arrow in our quiver,
Then we held him in our hand.
Soon the bowstring held the arrow,
And the aiming part began.
"High and Far"

This book I am so excited about. I have not finished it but am looking for every minute to continue reading it. I think this is going to top my list of parenting books. Here's a quote:
"Perhaps protection, preparation, and even Christian training and biblical knowledge are not the real keys. Maybe these valid and [very] essential things can monopolize too much of our time, distracting us from the real issue- the winning our child's heart...The Key to winning the hearts of our children is the often overlooked biblical concept of romance- not the world's concept, but God's. He sent Jesus Christ to earth not to storm our hearts but woo us and draw us to Himself, winning our uncompelled love. If we truly make Him our model, and pattern our approach to our children after His approach to us, we automatically begin to parent from the inside out instead of the outside in. We look past behavior to the heart; we look past symptoms to the cause; we turn isolated events into shared, romance-enhancing experiences that connect to something larger than ourselves...we parents are used as instruments of God in this process [of winning our child's heart for Christ]....."
I was watching a program the other day about teenagers and parents. There was a counselor there that said that he thought, through all his years of counseling and such, that the greatest cause of teenagers turning their hearts away from Christ was because their hearts were never won. I thought it was interesting and remembered my sister reading this book a while back. Although, I don't think such a hard question can be answered in just one sentence, the implications of that statement made me really think. I know that God has won my heart- He has used many instruments for this- one major component being my parents. Another my husband. A third my children. The list goes on. How wonderful it is to know just the tip of how much God truly loves me and over the pages of my life has romanced my heart.
This book has been clearanced in bookstores, but is available on Amazon.

This is a popular book that I have gone back to many times.

It took me a while to get into the "feel" of this book, but once I started understanding the writing it became one of my favorites.

This is an awesome book for raising children, but I learned so much from it to apply to my own life. I pray we would raise our kids for true greatness. The wisdom of this world is foolishness in the sight of God.

** God has used these books in my life. I feel I need to explain though, that I do not agree with everything written in all of these books and I never just read a book taking in things as TRUTH. God's word is TRUTH. I read through the lens of God's Truth- what the Holy Spirit reveals to us through His Word.

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I am a random visitor through a friends blog...but you may enjoy Teach them Dilligently. Its a wonderful book on parenting, and how to use the Scriptures when raising children. I think that romancing a childs heart sounds facinating! Thanks