Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marchin' to the....


Yep! We've started potty training. This picture (above) was taken this past Wed...As you can tell he was not very thrilled. I think he thought it should be happening faster. To get him to sit down and stop "doing" was a chore....that's been the worse thing. He's so typical boy- he never wants to stop what he's doing....running, playing, jumping, roaring, etc.....long enough to use the we've had to get a bit creative....but finally after many many many "spills" on the carpet and porch and....finally....after mom being very humbled after cleaning up many poops ( there's a big difference between changing a dirty diaper and cleaning poop out of underwear and off the kitchen floor)....finally, after having to go to walmart to buy more underwear...finally after wet underwear being hung all over our back deck...finally....J used the potty without anything leaking out before he got there!! We were both so so excited...we both were just a laughin and gigglin the whole time it went EVERYWHERE...all over the back of the lid, on the trash can, on the floor- only a tiny lit bit made it in the actual potty....gotta work on the aim....but it's a great start....we'll see how it continues to go!!
Go John David!!!! He did it!
He's saying "YES!!!!"
Showing his "prise"
We had Now and Laters on the shelf infront of him.....staring at him...calling his name.....:-)

Typical boy--- he got a little proud and thought he could poopoo too! Well, he tried so so so hard.....but it just wasn't time! Tomorrow hopefully!!
Tomorrow will be the first full day of no more diapers!! Since Wed. of last week he's been wearing underwear just in the morning before his afternoon nap....for mom's many times could I clean the carpet in one day...but he's starting to get the hang of tomorrow is the real thing!! We'll see!


Grandma said...

Beautiful pictures! What a joy to get to see them all. We miss you all. The boys are growing so much.
Glad you were able to have a week off and enjoy family. We are looking forwart to our turn!
Love you!
Mama, Grandma, Karen

nicole said...

yay, john david! you are so brave to go straight to no diapers! best of luck for tomorrow! what a big boy!

Aubrey said...

Way to go, John David! I know you will really appreciate these pictures someday, too. ;)

Adam and Nat said...

Ha ha. That last picture of him trying "so so hard" made me laugh out loud. Good job John David!