Thursday, July 31, 2008

Click on this video and watch it....This song was written by a young man after his bestfriend and youth pastor died in a car wreck. The youth pastor had said that if it would stir today's youth he would ask the Lord to take his life. That night he died. The young man who wrote the song said that he believed that if the Lord would answer the first part of the prayer he would answer the second part. He says that He believes God will use this song- He already has in many many ways.

No matter the story behind why and how it was written, the song is powerful. Simple and powerful. Oh how He loves us.

If you guys have watched the cardboard testimonies video you'll recognize that this was the song playing while the people were telling their stories.

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Anonymous said...

what a song!
And the pictures are great! I hope god continues so bless you as he so amazingly has done so!

It would be nice to see some "old" wedding pics of you and david.
You are so perfect together.