Sunday, April 09, 2006


Just a funny little story....

Is this for real?
I'm almost thirty-seven weeks and we're at the hospital! My doctor gave me a list of things to call her about if they happened. They happened, so I called the nurse. She said we had twenty minutes to be at the hospital! We frantically ran all over the house trying to get things packed, not knowing what was going on, just laughing and wandering if this was the real deal or not!

Mommy and Daddy!!

We get to the hospital, ready to have some fun!! The nurse plugs me into the monitors, asks lots of questions, does some tests to see if it's time, and calls the doctor. The first test comes back and she says not yet! But, my doctor wants to wait another hour or so.

Daddy's ready!!

We're just getting some good practice in , that's all!! Practice makes perfect....ha! The next test comes back with a nope too! So, we packed up after a night full of fun! It was fun to hear the baby's heartbeat and see the contractions on the monitor. We learned a lot!

Our five hour oops is finally over!! No sweet little boy yet, but soon!!

Now we're just ready for the real thing!!

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Casey Oakley said...

Hey kids- So glad you guys put up some pics! I wish I was closer to you guys so I could be in on all the baby fun, but seeing as that's not possible for the time being, keep the pics coming-they rock my world:) And Ocea, you are officially my idol...I hope I look as good as you when I get pregnant!

Love you!! And can't wait to see my little baby boy (and I'm still pulling for "Oakley"!!!)