Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Triathlon with Blake ...This was such a cute idea. First they rode their bike, then they ran for a bit, then they swam (which really consisted of them crawling through very shallow water)
You can tell here that J started feeling a bit apprehensive. I left him to go grab my camera so I could video....he didn't like that too much....I was taping and saw his upper lip....I took a pic then ran over to him but by that time he was too upset....I had to go beside him the whole time...he did well at the running part, but when they told him to take off his shoes to crawl through the pool, he lost it....you have to understand that there were people all yelling and hollering....all for fun....but J was not into it. Once he took off his shoes he was not about to get in the water....so mom took off her shoes...and he rode on her back through the water....how embarrassing... we came in dead last. He still got a ribbon....but yes, dead last. Next time we'll have to put him through some training:-) I can see Dad now!
Blake and John David. We are so thankful for Blake and his family. Blake's mom and I met this summer at MOPS...they have been such a gift to our family!

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Potpourri of Praise said...

Looks like fun:) Maybe JD will be more excited about participating next time. And, even though he's not yours, I just LOVE Blake's curls....I used to pay a lot of money to get hair like that:)