Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charleston, NC

The Crew
One of David's favorite things at the beach.....good ole cookin'!
The Gossetts

Melanie and I

This is my favorite of us three:-) Thanks, Melanie, for helping us with these!!

Yes, this is Mamaw Ward playing Guitar Hero! I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip!
Dan, Danielle, and Bennett

The Gossett Bunch

Our little Beach bum!
We had such an awesome time with all of you guys! There's nothing like getting to be around family and enjoy each other! The Lord has been so amazing to David and I...we know all good things come from our Heavenly Father!


Amy Cranston said...

Em those pictures are great! Melanie did a great job taking some of those. I saw a few that would be ideal for some of your frames around the house! :) Thanks for sharing!

Aubrey said...

Awesome pictures...I love the one of John David at the water with his reflection showing!! Looks like ya'll had a blast!